Alphabet share weaker: Google strengthens protection of minors in web search and YouTube


Google is expanding the protection of minors in its web search and on the Youtube video platform. Among the new features announced Tuesday, the default upload setting for videos will be set to “Private” for users under the age of 18. In addition, children and their parents and guardians will be able to request that their photos be removed from Google Image Search. Location history, which shows places visited, will not be able to be enabled for users under the age of 18 in the future. Among other things, Google referred to new legal requirements in some countries, where at the same time it wants to offer internationally uniform usage settings. The company is also expanding the safety precautions that prevent children from being shown ad categories that are only permitted from a certain age. In addition, targeting ads based on age, gender or their interests will be blocked globally for those under 18 in the coming months, it said. Youtube disables autoplay for under-18s while turning on pause and bedtime reminders.


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