Billionaire Bezos landed back on earth after space trip


Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’ space adventure lasted eleven minutes: he and his three companions flew to the edge of space in his “New Shepard” spaceship – and landed back on Earth.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has landed safely back on Earth after a short trip into space. The 57-year-old had taken off this Tuesday aboard the spacecraft “New Shepard” of his company Blue Origin from the US state of Texas. On board the space flight were, in addition to Bezos, his brother Mark as well as an 82-year-old former U.S. pilot and an 18-year-old from the Netherlands, whose father gave him the flight as a gift.

In total, the fully automated flight lasted about ten minutes. After takeoff, the spacecraft accelerated to more than 3700 kilometers per hour within two minutes. Shortly thereafter, the capsule separated from the reusable rocket. Weightlessness set in, the four passengers were briefly allowed to leave their seats, and laughter and cheers could be heard. The capsule reached its highest point more than 100 kilometers above the earth before it landed, slowed down by large parachutes, in the west Texas desert.

About ten days ago, another billionaire, the British Richard Branson, had already made a short trip into space with his own spacecraft – in this case the “VSS Unity” of the company Virgin Galactic.


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