Ford F-150 Lightning: Elektro-Pick-up vorgestellt


Ford presents the electric version of the F-150. Two motor-battery combinations are planned, all-wheel drive is standard – but the market launch is not until 2022.

America’s most popular pickup truck, the Ford F-150 is getting electrified. The F-150 Lightning gets all-wheel drive as standard and two motor-battery combinations with 318 and 420 kW of system power respectively. The version with the large battery is said to have a sprint time of around 4.5 seconds.

Torque is a uniform 1,050 Newton meters, making the Lightning the highest-torque F-150 ever. The two battery packs on offer provide ranges of 370 and 480 kilometers, respectively, according to American EPA standards. Ford has not yet said anything about the battery sizes in kWh.

At home, the F-150 Lightning is charged at an 80-amp charging station, which is included as standard. This should allow the car to recharge an average of 30 miles (just under 50 km) of range per hour. The larger battery can thus be brought from 15 to 100 percent in about eight hours.

On the road, the Lightning with the large battery can be charged from 15 to 80 percent in about 41 minutes at a 150-kW fast-charging station. 54 miles (87 km) of range is recharged in 10 minutes.

The Lightning is offered exclusively as a Supercrew variant, which means it comes with a crew cab and four doors and five seats. Dimensions are the same as the conventionally powered F-150, but the Lightning is the first F-150 to have independent rear suspension for greater ride comfort. In the higher versions, the car gets a 15.5-inch touchscreen and a 12-inch instrument display with configurable gauges.


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