Fuel cell: Bosch receives major order from Daimler/Volvo


Technology group Bosch has received a major order from cellcentric, the joint venture between Daimler Trucks and the Volvo Group for truck fuel cells. The supplier will supply electric air compressors for the company, which aims to become a leading global manufacturer of truck fuel cell systems, Stefan Hartung, head of Bosch’s Mobility Solutions division, told the Stuttgarter Nachrichten newspaper (Thursday). This air compressor is technically similar to the turbocharger used in combustion vehicles.

Hartung sees this as an indication that technical concepts for the fuel cell “very much offer a perspective for the German locations”. A Bosch spokesman would not comment on the value of the order.

Hartung sees a rapid ban on the registration of vehicles with combustion engines as a risk to employment. This would put a question mark behind many jobs and also reduce social acceptance for the necessary measures, he said. “If I fear for my job or even lose it, I may have other concerns than climate protection and withdraw my support.” Against the people, however, climate protection will not be realized, he said.



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