Afghanistan: USA sees IS attack threat at airport


After the withdrawal of international troops from Afghanistan, the Islamist Taliban have taken power in the country – and are reshaping it according to their own ideas. The most important developments in the newsblog. The U.S. government has confirmed media reports about the threat of an attack by the Islamic State (IS) terrorist militia at Kabul airport or in the surrounding area. “The threat is real, it’s acute, it’s persistent,” U.S. President Joe Biden’s National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan told CNN. “We are working intensively with our intelligence agencies to figure out where an attack could come from. ” He said the warnings are being taken “absolutely deadly seriously. ” The militant Islamist Taliban and the regionally active branch of IS are enemies and have fought each other in the past. Even a week after the Taliban took power, the U.S. government’s rescue mission is running out of many American citizens in Afghanistan. “We have made contact with a few thousand Americans,” Sullivan said. “And we’re working hard to make plans with each of those people and each of their families to get them safely to the airport. ” He said they are working tirelessly to get Afghan supporters of the U.S. mission out of the country as well. Sullivan said the scenes outside the airport are heartbreaking. “We are working every single minute, every single hour, every single day to establish as much order and security as we can. ” Americans also are having difficulty getting through the chaos outside the airport, he said. “That’s a logistical challenge that we’ve been working on for the last 72 hours. We now believe we have alternative methods to get Americans to the airport. ” Sullivan did not provide details on what those methods might be.


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