After S21 launch: Samsung S20+ with Telekom LTE now already cheaper


When it comes to smartphones, it is no longer an insider tip to also look at last year’s models. Especially in times where the innovation leaps are getting smaller and smaller, this “step backward” is usually not a problem. Especially in the upper class, as in the question between the S21 and S20.

The Galaxy S21 has been newly introduced by Samsung. Although the devices will only be launched at the end of January, there are already offers – and effects on the predecessor series. For example, the Galaxy S20+, i.e. the better S20 from last year, is now available with a contract at quite decent conditions.

But the S21 is also already on offer: Saturn offers the Galaxy S21 with the green LTE (Vodafone) rate with 40 GB LTE. Cost: 129 Euros (one-time), 44.99 Euros (monthly). In addition, you get a charging pad for free and benefit from the pre-order promotion that Samsung launched for the new launch.


MediaMarkt now offers the Galaxy S20+ in a contract deal with a Telekom tariff. The contract partner is mobilcom-debitel and the tariff, a green LTE, offers 14 GB data volume in the Telekom LTE network (LTE25) and an allnet flat rate for calls. You also have access to the freenet hotspot flat rate, which supports a worldwide Wi-Fi network.

The monthly rate costs 26.99 euros, and a one-time charge of 79 euros is made for the smartphone. If we add the obligatory 39.99 euros for the connection, the total costs for the two-year minimum contract term are 766.75 euros. If we deduct the costs for a new Galaxy S20+ (699 euros), we are left with 67.75 euros. The effective price is thus 2.82 Euros per month. A pretty good price for a 14 GB contract that gets you into the Telekom network. There are no shipping costs.

By the way, MediaMarkt and Saturn also currently have a SIM-only deal in stock. Here, you get a properly equipped LTE contract with 9 GB for 15 Euros and a 180-Euro voucher for the retailers’ online stores for free.


The Plus version of the S20 differs from the normal S20 or even the S20 FE in particular with better camera equipment. It also has a larger and higher-resolution display and a larger working memory. You can find the detailed data comparison here.


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