Duchess Kate: Expert: “She hasn’t had any bad moments in the last ten years”


She is loved, celebrated, copied! Duchess Kate exudes glamor. And that makes her the only one in the British royal family, experts say.

While her sister-in-law Duchess Meghan (39, née Meghan Markle) and her brother-in-law Prince Harry (36) are currently causing a stir in the British royal family, one remains true to her reputation: Duchess Kate (39, née Kate Middleton). She’s a loving wife, a model mom and a fashion icon that many look up to. And if you believe the experts, the wife of Prince William (38) is also the only one in the British palace who still exudes glamour.

Just like her mother: Princess Charlotte has already taken her mother Kate as a role model. What the little one has copied, we show above in the video.

Everyone loves her: Kate Middleton shapes the style like no other

“If you look at Kate Middleton’s photos from the last ten years, there are no moments when she was off,” explains Royal book author Elizabeth Holmes in the new Royals issue of the American “People” magazine. The magazine even refers to the beautiful Duchess of Cambridge as “Kate the Great.

Because the mother of three is great in any case – and above all stylish. There are no fashion mistakes or small slip-ups with the 39-year-old. She knows how to put herself in the limelight, yet still attaches great importance to royal protocol, and her appearances always provide wow moments.

Is Duchess Kate really the most beautiful in the land?

“Now Kate is the one and only place to go for the glamour factor,” says historian and author Sarah Gristwood, who praises the Duchess to the skies. And thus somehow also fires a little side blow in the direction of Duchess Meghan. At least that’s how it seems. Because so far, the pregnant wife of Prince Harry has also provided great moments.

But since the Queen (94) has now even released her grandson and his wife from their official duties, a return to Great Britain seems more unlikely than ever. And so Duchess Kate will probably continue to sit on the fashion throne. At least until daughter Charlotte (5) can compete with her. And that will certainly be the case in a few years.


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