Myocarditis and pericarditis: heart problems after vaccination mainly affect men


Side effects that could be associated with mRNA covid-19 vaccination are being watched with a wary eye. There is already agreement that two heart diseases are among them. Researchers are looking closely at who is affected and how often. Researchers in the United States have studied how often heart muscle inflammation (myocarditis) or pericarditis occurs after Covid 19 vaccination. They looked for such cases in people vaccinated against Covid-19, using data from a health insurer’s electronic medical records. These came from a total of forty hospitals in various states in the USA. In their analysis, the researchers found that heart problems attributable to Covid-19 vaccinations occurred primarily in men. Overall, of the 2,000,287 people who received at least one mRNA Covid-19 vaccination, the researchers identified 20 cases of myocarditis and 37 cases of pericarditis within a four-month period. The research team, led by George Diaz of Providence Regional Medical Center, wrote in the publication of the findings at JAMA that myocarditis was more common in younger individuals a few days after the second dose. Pericarditis, on the other hand, was more likely to be observed in older individuals after several days following the second dose.

Three-quarters of myocarditis cases in men

Of the 20 patients with myocarditis, 15 were male, and the average age of this group of patients was about 36 years. Eleven had reportedly received Moderna’s vaccine and nine had received Biontech’s. In four individuals, the complication had begun within a few days of the first vaccine dose, and in 16 after the second. On average, the complication occurred 3. 5 days after vaccination. Two of the patients even received a second vaccine dose after the onset of myocarditis. However, both were spared from a recurrence of the complication. Nineteen individuals were hospitalized for treatment. All recovered from these vaccination side effects within a few days and were discharged. There were no deaths. Of the 37 people with pericarditis temporally related to Covid-19 vaccination, 23 had received Biontech’s vaccine and 12 had received Moderna’s. In 15 subjects, the complication occurred after the first dose and in 22 subjects after the second dose, averaging 20 days after immunization. Twenty-seven of those affected were men. The researchers determined an average age of 57 years. Thirteen patients were briefly hospitalized for the complication, none of whom were admitted to an intensive care unit. Seven patients with pericarditis even received a second vaccination. There were no deaths in this group of patients either. In summary, the researchers noted that myocarditis and pericarditis are two forms of vaccine complications that are very rare and generally harmless. However, the researchers caution that their findings were based on numbers where patients had presented to a hospital. In reality, the number of cases could also be greater.


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