OneDrive raises upload limit to 250 GB for single files


Microsoft has announced that it will improve the previous upload limit for file sizes for OneDrive users. Thus, the support of data of a size of up to 250 GB will now start. Previously, the limit was 100 GB files.

Microsoft now wants to create more flexibility in Microsoft 365 by increasing the data size. Now, not every user probably has such large data that they want to store in OneDrive every day. However, with this change, Microsoft also wants to take into account the changed way of working, which has become the norm for many due to Corona in the home office.

As remote work and learning increases, so does the need to share large files reliably and securely with clients and colleagues, Microsoft says. The size limit change is also important with regard to 4K or 8K video files, 3D models, CAD files or large scientific datasets.

Change pushed to all users

“Our latest enhancement will help increase the file size limit when uploading to Microsoft 365 from 100GB to 250GB – this includes uploading files to SharePoint, Teams and OneDrive,” Microsoft manager Ankita Kirti announced on the OneDrive blog. This change doesn’t just apply to businesses and schools. Those who use OneDrive for private use will also get the new size increase soon. This means that in the future, it will also be possible to upload family video albums to share with relatives, for example.

The new 250 GB limit was achieved by optimizing the storage for upload performance. Thus, each file is split into pieces and each of these pieces is then uploaded and reassembled in an encrypted manner. Support for uploading files as large as 250GB will launch later in January. As always, a staggered launch of the new option is planned. General availability is to be extended by the end of the first quarter of 2021.


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