Prince Harry: “His heart is broken”


Prince Harry suffers from the quarrel with his family. His friend Tom Bradby now even says: “His heart is broken”.

This is how Prince Harry is really doing

Does Prince Harry regret his resignation from the royal family? How is he really doing? Tom Bradby now brings light into the dark. The journalist has spilled the beans about the royal in the ITV format “Love Your Weekend.” The 54-year-old accompanied Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan for a documentary during their 2019 tour of Africa and has a good connection with the couple.

“I think they’re doing better, yeah. I mean, so much has happened in the past year, so many things that I can’t talk about and don’t want to talk about, and a lot of what’s been said is quite right or not right at all,” the Sussexes’ good friend explained, according to People magazine.

“The situation with the family is difficult”

But are Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry really happy with their new life in California? Tom Bradby reveals that the Sussexes are quite comfortable in their new home. But the family situation continues to weigh on both of them. “I think they (Meghan and Harry) are feeling better, yes … Are they unhappy? No, I think they are happy. I think the situation with his family has broken his heart. You don’t have to have a clue to know that, but I think it’s true,” Tom Bradby said.

When asked by reporter Alan Titchmarsh if he meant the relationship between Prince William and Prince Harry, the journalist replied meaningfully, “Well, the situation with the family is clearly not ideal and it’s been a very difficult year for them all.”

The resignation of Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry has weighed on everyone, as Tom Bradby continues. They all suffered from the rift. “I think the whole thing has just been incredibly painful, that’s obvious to everyone. It’s painful all around, painful for everyone, hard to deal with,” the royal’s friend said. The full interview will air on January 17.


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