Prince Philip’s funeral service: this is what Prince Harry said to Prince William


It was a moving moment captured by the cameras after the funeral service. Prince Harry left the chapel together with Prince William and Duchess Kate. A lip reader reveals what the two brothers are said to have talked about.

Two days after Prince Philip’s death, his grandson had boarded a plane. Prince Harry came from the States for the funeral service. For a week, the 36-year-old is now back home. It is the first time that Harry is reunited with his family since the interview with Oprah Winfrey was broadcast on television.

Peter between Harry and William

Many fans suspected that Harry and his wife Meghan have been at loggerheads with the Royal Family ever since. Especially when it became known that Harry and William will not walk side by side during the funeral march and instead will be separated by their cousin Peter. And so even during the funeral service observers assumed that the brothers still have not reconciled.

After the 50-minute funeral in St. George’s Chapel, however, viewers in front of the screens surprisingly got a different picture. The situation had loosened up, with no predetermined order, the royals left the place of worship. And so it could be seen that Harry came out of the chapel together with Kate and William. You can see the scene in the video here or also above.


As one lip reader told Britain’s Express newspaper, William is said to have whispered to his brother, “It was great, wasn’t it?” To which Harry is said to have replied, “It was as he had wished.” Whether those were really the words of the two is not confirmed. Nevertheless, the scene suggests that the relationship between the two royals is no longer as strained as the British media have repeatedly emphasized in recent months.

Also, the order at the funeral march actually has nothing to do with the alleged discord between Harry and William. Rather, the lineup was about the fact that the three grandsons – excluded here was the 13-year-old James probably still too young – should run in a row in the procession. The two outer positions were the better ones in the lineup, so according to the ranking Harry and William were entitled to, explained nobility expert Julia Melchior.



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