Recovered people are better protected from coronavirus than vaccinated people, study from Israel shows


A study from Israel has determined that people who have already been infected with the coronavirus have a significantly lower risk of being infected again than those who have been vaccinated twice. The study was first reported by Der Spiegel. Data from Israel’s second-largest health insurer, which covers about 2. 5 million people, were used as the basis. According to the researchers, this is the “largest study of its kind to date,” the news magazine said. Charlotte Thålin of Danderyd Hospital and the Karolinska Institute, said in the journal Science that the results show how vaccinations are outperformed by natural immunity.

Vaccinated people had a 13-fold higher risk of becoming infected

The researchers compared data from people who were fully vaccinated earlier this year with people who had contracted Corona during the same period. The scientists then analyzed how many people had become infected during the summer. There were more than 16,000 people in each group. In total, the researchers evaluated the data of more than 32,000 people. During the period under consideration, 257 people tested positive for Corona, Spiegel reports. Of these, 238 were vaccinated, and only 19 recovered people became infected again. Meaning: According to the study, vaccinated people had a 13-fold higher risk of becoming infected. In addition, the researchers determined that the natural immunity of those who had recovered waned over the course of months. Data from people who had contracted the coronavirus sometime in 2020 were then compared with those who had been vaccinated. The result: vaccinated people nevertheless had a 6-fold increased risk of becoming infected. As reported by Der Spiegel, however, the study also has weaknesses. For example, Israel was vaccinated exclusively with Biontech. What influence other vaccines could have is therefore not clear. Since the participants were not specifically tested, but medical records were evaluated, it is also possible that courses of disease without symptoms were not seen.


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