Speculation about “Masked Singer” leopard: this feature may reveal a secret


Episode two of the fourth season of “The Masked Singer” went down Tuesday night on ProSieben. After the pig aka Katrin Müller-Hohenstein had to say goodbye, there were still nine masks left – a highlight might have been the performance of the leopard again. The singer hiding in the costume, however, could have a more obvious secret!

Because in the current edition of the singing show, the masked candidate was carried on stage with a sedan chair – and there the performance of the Destiny’s Child hit “Survivor” went on sitting. That this was a professional singer was almost certain for the guess teamRea Garvey, Ruth Moschner and guest Smudo.

The leopard sat during “The Masked Singer” performance.
They suspected “one of the No Angels,” Cassandra Steen and Sarah Connor. Presenter Matthias Opdenhövel remarked meaningfully after the performance, when there was a standing ovation from the team: “Everyone stands, only Leo sits!” Exactly, but why actually?

Opdenhövel finally added, as the leopard was voted into the next round and escorted off stage, “Leo, you’re being picked up. A Leo, of course, is carried, pushed, moved along.” The audience has now come up with a plausible theory about this: Is the leopard in reality blind? Accordingly, Corinna May and Joana Zimmer are already under suspicion.

The leopard was also already suspicious in episode one

What was very obvious this time also occurred in the season premiere: When the leopard performed “Golden Eye” by Tina Turner, the singer stood on a pedestal, danced or moved very little, unlike the other candidates. Two cushions also covered her feet.

After the performance, a golden grille was pushed in front of the singer and she held on to it. The stage departure of the leopard was not shown at all. Meanwhile, very suspicious circumstantial evidence.

Joana Zimmer in particular would come into question – after all, Rea Garvey praised the performer’s almost accent-free English and Joana, who had already taken part in the show “Let’s Dance” in 2012, lived with her family in the USA and the UK as a child.

That’s why the theories about the leopard might not be true after all

But as is always the case with theories on “The Masked Singer,” there are also arguments that quickly destroy all assumptions. For example, some viewers want to have heard Cassandra Steen 100 percent.

And of course the leopard could also have to be led because the field of vision of the costume is so small – or it is a diversionary maneuver from the outset to completely fool the audience. The guessing team would also have to notice the procedure around the leopard, but it hasn’t been brought up as a topic yet.

There is also a catch to the theory: When the first five masked people came on stage in episode one to announce two candidates for the wobble, the leopard did indeed go on stage on its own – the first and only time so far.


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