Trump sues Twitter, Facebook and Google


rump no longer wants to accept the blocking of his social media accounts – and is now suing Twitter and Co.!

Ex-US President Donald Trump has, according to his own statements, sued the Internet corporations Twitter, Facebook and Google and their bosses for bias.

He demands the rapid restoration of his accounts, Trump said on Wednesday. On Facebook, Trump is expected to remain suspended until at least early 2023. Twitter even sees no way back at all for the former president.

In the lawsuits filed in Florida, Trump accuses Facebook, Twitter and YouTube owner Google, as well as company CEOs Mark Zuckerberg (37), Jack Dorsey (44) and Sundar Pichai (49) personally of an unconstitutional violation of free speech.

“If they can do it to me, they can do it to anybody,” Trump said, referring to a “corrupt censorship regime.” He is seeking a class action lawsuit in which anyone whose accounts on online platforms were “censored” after June 1, 2018, would be able to participate.

Trump claimed that the online platforms had become a “censorship department” of the current U.S. administration – in part because they cracked down on statements about the coronavirus challenged by scientists. Among the potential class action plaintiffs, for example, is a teacher who spoke out online against children wearing masks. Class-action status in the U.S. typically must be approved by a judge.

Facebook and Twitter had suspended Trump in January shortly before the end of his term. It was triggered by Trump’s supporters storming the U.S. Capitol – and him expressing sympathy for the attackers. He also continues to claim, without any evidence, that his victory in the November presidential election was stolen by fraud. With this, he heated up the mood in the country.

Twitter, where Trump had more than 80 million users following him, was the main communication platform for him until then.

He was not looking for a settlement with the tech corporations and also did not know whether he would use their platforms again if he won, Trump claimed. He is specifically targeting the legal provision known as “Section 230,” which protects online platforms from liability for content published by users. At the same time, it gives them freedoms to take action against users and content. Trump had already tried to overturn or restrict “Section 230” as president.


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