Way to the desired weight: Do not choose too strict diet programs


A few kilos should disappear gladly – straight after Corona and before the bath season think many Germans that. One thing they do wrong again and again when trying to lose weight, as an expert explains.

Who would like to decrease, selects often too strict programs. On the agenda often taut nourishing rules or training plans would stand. Actually they mean nothing else than durable renouncement and constraint, say Personal Coach Jan Magnus Bahmann from Hanover.

As examples with the nutrition he calls the strict in the evening renouncement of meals or “blunt calorie counting.” The problem is that, in Bahmann’s experience, most people give up on strict programs after a very short time. “The result is defeat and frustration, causing many to lose motivation.”

Understand the purpose of the diet

Quite important with a particular diet, he says, is to understand exactly what it’s all about and what the goals are. “You can’t be flexible otherwise,” Bahmann says. But that’s exactly what’s crucial to following a diet long-term, he adds.

Bahmann says, “Time and again in your daily life, you’ll encounter situations where you’re faced with decisions regarding your diet: Should I go out to Italian tonight or not? Can I allow myself to do that?” If you know what the actual goal of the diet is, you will find answers to such questions quickly and flexibly. Bahmann says, “So a deep understanding is always the first step to success.”

No success without a change in diet

Another problem: In many cases, the desired weight remains a long way off despite all efforts because people focus too much on sports.

Of course, sporting activities of all kinds are important if you want a firmer body or a more athletic figure, Bahmann makes clear. But when it comes to losing weight, nutrition “clearly has the more important role.” Accordingly, you can exercise as much as you want, says the personal coach: “If you don’t change anything about your diet, you won’t lose weight permanently.”



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